Sunday, August 30, 2015

Maybe better fed maybe less of a theater artist...

One week into the new job. Full-time work, but currently through a temp agency; they are all talking about keeping me for as long as I want to stay but until I see a regular employment contract I can't trust that I'll still have work a week from now.

And of course I'm right now in that wonderful tight spot you get when you've started a job but the first check hasn't arrived yet...and unfortunately, all those expenses of commute and meals away from home and so forth aren't going to wait. I'm not down to the wire, but I am low enough to where I can't afford to smog and register my car before the registration deadline arrives.

I also have a show I previously accepted that is going to be a pain to fit around my new work schedule.

So. In the long term (if there is a long term) this should help my finances. In the short term; if I hadn't taken the job, I'd right now have the equivalent of 3-4 weeks wages in my pocket. And enough time to do some much-needed car repairs before Dreamgirls goes into tech.

And more time to complete current prop orders. I went into the shop yesterday and am going again today, but I'm still a little tired after that first week (hot days, physical labor, and overtime hours as well). I'm hoping that once the hot weather cools down a little and we catch up a little with the backlog at work so the days aren't quite as crazy, that 6 am - 2:30 pm schedule they have me on will permit making a run out to TechShop in the late afternoons, and thus continuing both the prop work and the utility of that membership.

Which is also why I'm going out today to do more lathing, despite a desire to stay in and put my feet up for one day at least.

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