Poser and Other Meshes

This is an ad-hoc page linking to a selection of posts describing basic tasks in 3d.

Poser Stuff: Some basics and some tricks in making 3d content for the 3d software "Poser," (and also the semi-compatible "DAZStudio.")

How to Rig a Poser Prop: Or rig anything in Poser; a detailed description of what I find to be the most convenient way to rig a mesh for use in Poser.

How to Poser: Joint Parameters: Specific notes on rigging mechanical props in Poser (aka cars, guns, robots, etc.)

How to Poser: Rigging Tricks: Actually, a detailed breakdown of the cr2 file structure, and an overview of special rigging techniques for mechanical props; ERC, altGeom, etc.

How to Poser: Textures: An overview of use of materials and texture maps within Poser; basic materials, UVmaps, distressing.

From a View to a Pixel: basic principles of optics, and how 3d applications like Poser tackle simulating them; lambert surfaces, specular highlights, glow channels and caustics.

Reflections on a Grecian 9/16... a little bit about the use of Reflection Maps, and the creation of a custom one.

3D Design for Print:

Actually, the best "post" I have on this subject is at my Instructables page.

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