Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Raygun XIV.II

Took longer than I wanted, but all the assembly work is done. Everything fits (except the nozzle -- I'll be lathing that this week). Made several hardware store runs to get the appropriate bolts and so forth. Still shy the 4-40 setscrew to hold the barrel assembly (but it is a tight fit anyhow).

So now all the pieces are cycling through the paint stages. They've all been wiped with superglue and sanded with 220. I'm progressively priming, wet sanding with 400 grit, then spraying on the epoxy black. Which takes 24 hours to cure completely, so only the back of the dish (my test piece) is actually finished.

Mildly annoying, because I kinda need the right side housing to complete the electronics work:

Trigger and switch is working great. Setting knob works. And the e-cell seats nicely and with the new spring, is a lot easier to extract from the handle. The picture below is from before it was modified to plug directly into the gun:

Tonight's task (assuming I have any energy left) is to solder up the CPU and constant-current PWM driver for the LED, using one of that first run of "Ducknode" boards I got made at Osh Park.

And I've been reading about wavetable synthesis. It's a bit much -- but I can probably handle creating a white noise burst. Not sure how to combine it with the tone generation, though. One handy thing; I don't have to do any clever things with interrupts. The way the functionality of this gun works, it runs through a complete "pew!" sequence before it bothers to poll inputs for control changes.

The last main task will be to create the holster. I've pretty much narrowed down the design in my head to a wide belt worn snug at the natural waist, holster depending from it for ease in draw, decorative buckle. The holster itself stiff, shaped, and clear but edged with the same white vinyl as the belt.

And I hope there's enough time left for the Disintegrating Pistol. There certainly isn't time for jetpack or bubble helmet!

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