Sunday, August 16, 2015


No, still not this guy.

Nor is it this:

But, in fact, a long-delayed OS upgrade. And no...I don't really want to go to Yosemite yet. There's no clear evidence that it breaks any of my production aps, but there's also no good evidence that it doesn't.

Mavericks, though. So far...everything works! I'd heard of some minor audio issues so I started by testing Audacity, QLab, and Vox. All worked normally. Tried Scrivener. Tried Steam, Wine, and Steam Wine, and played a little Dead Space (a PC game). Then played Tomb Raider 2013 on the Mac side -- and it looked nicer than it had on the PC emulator (better color balance, basically).

And Fusion 360. Which was the main reason. Autodesk had pushed through a basically mandatory upgrade to Fusion, and the upgrade wouldn't run on my previous OS. And since the upgrade either stalled or required me to quit, the only recourse I had to finish the Raygun project was to take the computer off line every time I needed Fusion. But with it off line, it could not import, nor could it open the "cloud stored" (really, I have no idea where they are stored) other projects I wanted to work on. Like this:

I stil have yet to test Eagle, Cura, Arduino, Reaper...

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