Friday, August 14, 2015

Got into his APC and rode off in all directions

Spent yesterday on the couch recovering from the last push on the raygun.

And now I've turned up the gas on half-a-dozen older pots. Confirmed new orders for Aliens M40's, working up a new aluminium order, and ordered another box of red caps. Still trying to figure out a way to make custom I can figure right now is injection molding, but vacuum-forming has potential.

Started communication about PR rounds as well. Sent an IM or two, got a bag of bullets coming. And if that wasn't enough USCM fun, I'm moving closer to designing up some of the alternate grenade loads.

Plus I'm borrowing a luger today and messaged the person interested in a Commando Cody flash hider. I haven't been able to properly dimension the CAD for that, but eyeball estimate says that a 2" billet of aluminium will work and that's affordable. And lathe-able.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten confirmation on Aida -- I don't know if I'm going to be painting a set Monday (and for the next two weeks). Worse, I've got an interview at another company today, who sorta want someone in "right now" to cover for an employee on vacation. Bad timing. I risk ending up without either job, and I spent a lot more than I intended during the last couple weeks of raygun build. I've got rent covered, and I've got a show at the end of next month, but I'd like to have a better margin than that and a week or two of painting would really help.

The Cody has been on my "promises made" list the longest. Next longest is the holocron. When I see what kind of time I actually have I'm pulling the parts out of the box to evaluate just what I need to do to make a sample I am happy with, and identify the files to make a run.

I'm confident enough in the new circuit plan I can fire up Eagle at any time.

Of course, I'm overdue on deliveries to my usual client. Need to take a good look at the top of that list and see what can move forward...

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