Saturday, August 15, 2015

Change, my dear. And from the looks of it, not a moment too soon

I've almost never gotten a job I applied for. But I've gotten a lot of work that has called me.

A company just dusted off an old resume I turned in a couple months back and called me up about a completely different position. I interviewed yesterday and they want me in as soon as possible. They have a couple people out and desperately need someone right now, but the long term prospects are completely up in the air. If they like me, they'll try to keep me longer.

Which means there's a good chance I'm looking at full-time work for an indeterminate time.

I could fault the timing. I was hyped about painting "Aida" (the chance to paint a bunch of hieroglyphs was pretty cool), I accepted another order of grenades and the props work seems to be picking up, I'm already on for a sound design in about a month...and oh yeah, I already paid for a year's membership at TechShop.

(In fact, following the last push on the raygun, I was rather looking forward to a couple weeks out in the sun doing summer stock, then take a few weeks doing prop work before 'Dreamgirls" spools up).

So this may blow over. It may be that I get a week or two in (at a surprisingly low hourly, too) then it's back to freelancing for a while.

Or I may find myself on salary in a more-or-less regular job...slowly paying off my debt and repairing my infrastructure, but having less time for prop-making and theater work.

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