Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cut Test

Second full week of work. Starting to settle into the routine. Today I meant to go out to TechShop in the eve after work, but the lathe has been booked up since a couple of days ago. If it continues being booked up like this I might have to think seriously about using the one at work. I just don't want to be asking favors this early. A raise is more important to me now than easier tool access.

At least I got a few grenade bodies turned over the weekend. Still have to complete machining them to fill those outstanding M40 orders, though:

Of course, I could get time on the laser engraver, the 3d printer, or the CNC router -- with three of the latter, there's almost always one of them free. But unfortunately, the "CAD" (well, Inkscape files for all but the printer) aren't ready yet. So I guess the trick now is seeing if I can concentrate enough after a long work day peering at serial numbers whilst trying to rationalize the pneumatic tool logbook.

At least it is a little cooler this week. I still think maybe my first project should be a personal cooler I can point at my face for a little spot relief. I just can't sit at my desk and concentrate when it is as hot as it has been.

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