Monday, March 30, 2015

Army of Dorkness

Closed the school tour Sunday and put all the gear away. Then took Monday off.

Put up another chapter in my ongoing Tomb Raider/Stargate fanfic. I'm not real happy with it. Doing a little research on the next one today. So far I've figured out what airport they fly into and from where (Airbus A320 out of Heathrow for the last leg, on British Airways, into Prague RuzynÄ› International Airport. Which got renamed about six years after the dates I've set the story in. They also took the pink tank away. Well -- it was only pink for a short time in the early 90's).

And figured out what they are wearing on the plane. Looking at a lot of outfits on Polyvore and Pinterest. Most which weren't elegant enough for my Jolie-style Lara Croft. Trouble is, what eyes can I use to show them? I'm writing in third-person limited and for various reasons Lara can't be that person for this chapter. And neither Daniel Jackson nor Jack O'Neill are the type to notice clothes. So I stopped to look at some resources on flight attendant lingo and seniority ranking and scheduling and so forth to see if I could do a walk-on character to be my camera for just that one scene...

Seems like a lot of work for a fanfic. But I've more or less given up on ever selling the novel (or writing the next one) and this is what I have to feed the writing bug.

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