Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Room Full of Bicycles

I laser-cut most of the next Holocron today. But I don't like it. The parts all fit, but it is still fussy to line everything up while the glue dries, and with just a little more work it should be possible to snap-fit the parts together.

I finished revisions on the shell before I left TechShop, but there were no more empty slots on the lasers (not at least until much later than I meant to stay).

Oh, yeah. It also took me a few minutes to remember how to use the controls on the laser, lower the bed, do an air pass...(and more time puzzling out Illustrator, and getting the files correctly imported from InkScape).

Yeah, it's like riding a bicycle. You never quite forget...but you can get pretty rusty. TechShop. It's like a big room just full of a really wide variety of bicycles.

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