Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I just got a new order for some Aliens grenades. So that will help on the bills a little. Not as much as an actual gig, though. I've got a lead for something in May but it probably won't pay much. Actually, I can't even swear my last lighting design will pay. Not that I expect a check from them until closing night anyhow.

It's gotten close enough to where I can't afford any more parts for the raygun (or the holocron). Of course there's twenty bucks in my Shapeways account, and seven bucks over at Renderosity, but that doesn't do me a lot of good.

So I'm tinkering with the Illustrator files, still trying to figure out how all the machined pieces of the raygun will fit together. And writing.

I have "The Moldau" on right now as I try to distill down a couple of days of reading and watching videos and scrolling around on Google Maps into a brief word picture of the city of Prague. Another thousand words, and I might actually be ready to send Lara Croft (and Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill) into my first classic game-style "tomb." If I could just figure out what is supposed to be animating Rabbi Loew's golem!

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