Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Way Hot

The delightful image above is from a lightweight but not completely horrible 1993 version of the venerable Journey to the Center of the Earth; another failed series opener released as a stand-alone TV special. It is much, more more Pelucidar than it is anything from Verne, but anyhow.

Weather is starting to cool but I'm walking to work. I'll see how long I can take this. Come the first of October, my boss is going to talk to his bosses about trying to get me a raise to something a wee bit higher than the new minimum wage.

The holocircuit has passed all tests.

Even with a mere 150 mAh lithium polymer cell I got seven and a half hours at the nominal/bright setting. That's plenty long enough. Unfortunately I'm down to scraps of acrylic...and Tap Plastics is inconvenient to public transit.

(No inconvenient to get to, per se. But inconvenient to get back from while holding unwieldy sheets of material that is quite capable of giving you nasty cuts. Bad enough riding BART with the things. Walking a mile in the heat with them is an experience I'm not longing to repeat).

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