Friday, September 30, 2016

Buffing Stats

I'm walking every day. Also went to the gym monday, and intend to return to going regularly.

Still listening to a lot of history and archaeology (and watching videos, historically-themed movies, reading blog posts and a few reports and papers, even). That's also consuming an hour or so every day.

Taking multi-vitamins and switched to fruits and grains for lunch and upped the veggies and fruits part of my diet. I don't have a lot of middle-age spread but I would like to see less of it anyhow.

(Also learning to drink beer again, after going a decade dry. If I'm going to be hanging out at a pub once a week, I would like to be able to be properly social.)

However, I've let my violin practice slip. I was getting 20-30 minutes a day in, and had reached the point where I could comfortably and productively practice for longer at a stretch. But between work, workout, and weather, and pushing on getting product out to customers who have been waiting far too long, there just aren't enough hours left.

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