Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I've got at least five orders now, but all of them are for completed holos. Maybe when I put the price list up I'll get a few kit orders.

Circuit board is at the fabber and expected back in two weeks.

I've got a napkin sketch now for the "Gallifrey" circuit layer. Shouldn't take that long to make the Illustrator file for that but...

At least everything else seems to be working. The diffusor cube was the perfect idea. The new support is much simpler than the old "spider" support. The USB jack is finally solved "good enough." It just took a whole bunch of iteration to get this far.

Assuming the revised board doesn't have any problems, about the only test I can think of is of the capacitance sense circuit, and of the programming buttons (and of course the software routine that leverages those buttons). So basically I can put up my price list now.

Only reason I'm holding off is I want to make as many of the options I intend available from the start. I don't want any buyer's remorse happening because I posted a design they wished they had ordered instead.

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