Monday, September 26, 2016

Upson Downs

I have orders (not yet confirmed) for over a thousand bucks worth of holocrons, and a microphone rental in the last stages of negotiation. But on the flip side, I ordered enough electronics parts for the first holocron run all at once, and paid a bunch of bills forward. So of course at the moment my account is at its lowest (barely enough to cover rent) -- the brakes blow out on my car.

I'm still pissed that I haven't gotten full time or a raise after what is now thirteen months. I'm waiting another week before I raise the subject yet again; that's when the new minimum wage goes into effect in this (rather expensive) town.

Well, the upside to not being able to afford the repair for several weeks is that I could use the exercise. Oddly enough, I finally risked my healing hand at the gym today. It seemed to pull through without getting any worse. (On the other hand, I was climbing worse than I have in a decade...could barely haul through V2's)

Yesterday was dangerously hot. I sat around with the lights out drinking Icelandic "Arctic" Pale Ale and writing quick software hacks to test the last components of the Holocron circuit. When I broke for early dinner (take out from the market) I found myself oddly tuned to conversation. Of course. Trying to put my mind in software space, and it wants to be in dialog-writing space. So took a break with...a Laundry-verse book. Dialog and programming!

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