Sunday, September 11, 2016


The hypercube works:

I created a 2" cube of white translucent acrylic and propped the lighting circuit inside that. (Actually, the picture shows the cube being illuminated by one of my 3 watt Cree). It looks very nice now. More, the diffusion works so well I'm no longer forced to bend the LEDs around to try to get 360' coverage (although the construction of the cube and support means the underside of the circuit board, where the holocron lid is anyway, is going to be less than properly illuminated).

While I was lasering that, and doing the final tweaks-and-tests for the revised circuit board supports and inner layer pieces, I also ran off a test of an idea I'm calling the Imperial Archives Holocron:

This is actually done with 1/16" translucent white mated up with identically-outlined 1/16" opaque black acrylic. Unfortunately I don't have a holocron-sized white light source, and this photograph is using a Maglight Solitaire propped up on a roll of solder.

The circuit is routed as well. Just needs the silkscreen cleaned up.

Is funny; I felt like hell all week (longest four-day week ever) but after getting some sleep managed to crawl out to the shop for the lasering above, plus put down the next thousand words on my Tomb Raider/SG1 crossover.

Well, I've got some problem-solving to do before the latest chapter is complete. Because I've put Checkov's Concentrator Solar Power Plant up on the Mescalero Escarpment mantlepiece, and I need to figure out why it is about to go off...

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