Saturday, September 12, 2015


The honeymoon is over. SF branch has made no visible progress in repairing the other lathe, and the one remaining one has been booked solid all week. They also have moved like molasses getting two of the original four 3d printers repaired, or hooking up the new donated machines; the one that did get returned got snatched up by the after-school program, and the one remaining printer is now blocked off access this entire week (and weekend) due to some activity or promotion or something using the third floor.

(Which also shuts down the vacuum former, as well as the injection molding machine and the electronics assembly area and even, if I read correctly, the coffee pot! It would be nice to know what exactly this is and why their money trumps the money of us poor regular users. I mean, sure, events are cool and everyone has them, but all week and not even an attempt at accommodation of the needs of the regular users during that time?)

And just to rub it in, no classes are offered this weekend.

Did manage to get out there Saturday. Took ten minutes as usual to find the wrenches, But after that it was all me. Something odd about the stock I was working with, like it had self-tempered too far or was not quite the right alloy. Had chatter with basically every tool. So cut two more buttons, and make one more grenade body, but was feeling so poorly I called it a day after that. Just as well I forgot the springs.

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