Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dreamgirls III

Okay, the progress report would really be that this was the System Design phase. I read up on the manual for the sound board (Allen & Heath digital mix surface and two digital "snakes") and worked out potential system delay chains on paper for the idea of providing a coherent sound to the audience without a compromised monitor sound for pit orchestra and stage singers.

I also spent quite a while with emails and phone calls back and forth trying to arrange delivery of the key gear to the theater and schedule of when we would load in, when we'd tech, etc.

This went very frustratingly, with a lot of unclear "We might get to it sometime on Saturday but we might not have the speakers in the truck" replies. And my own car blew a water pump, and the radiator repair I'd just completed wiped out any funds I might rent a car from. And then I got a dental emergency that still has me in enough pain that long trips with or without a car are not worth contemplating (or 12-hour technical rehearsals, either.)

So I bailed. I waited for them to find someone, and they were actually able to, and we cut the gig there. My only remaining connection to the show is I will be lending free of charge my personal rack of wireless microphones.

And that concludes this attempt to document the complete design sequence of a show.

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