Sunday, February 8, 2015

Raygun VI

Did a quick massing study of the ATG with scrap expanded polystyrene. 

I'm not sure. It is a bit too much beer mug size and proportions. So maybe longer, maybe smaller. Or maybe would work better if the grip were set inside the face, as if putting a mask on your fist.

I need to rough out the components I mean to install, though. 2" speaker, and servo for the teeth. And two cree LEDs for the eyes (plus another backing up the mouth.)

I also think to get away further from the beer mug problem I might want to do some of that Alien Technology Has Hidden Lights look. Not quite sure what construction et al to make that happen, though.

(And, yes, first go-round at carving a Tiki head. It looks better than it photographs, but one thing I'm certain of is needs more horizontals. And the mouth, eye, and brow shapes need more to get across the ANGRY part of Angry Tiki God.)

Actually, if the trigger is "inside" the shell, can do a direct mechanical linkage to jaws and maybe eyebrows. Which would allow more expressive character. Basically a double-action; the slack of the trigger activates the jaws, and when it "clicks" it does the flashing light and sound effect.

I also feel I can integrate elements of the tiki head more with the user's hand. Place it higher and have it semi-visible across the top. Break up the "crown" more with air gaps. And I haven't ruled out doing a tiki body below the head -- but it would be extremely squat and stylized.

Also thinking again about the references the client linked to, which were very Tin Toy. More early 40's than mid-50's (and by 60's, remember, we're already into Star Trek.) This is plausibly yet another hybrid, with sculpted parts (rounded body, grip, some barrel elements) combined with some lathed elements (barrel rod).

There's a world of difference between a solid chunk of metal, and an assemblage of chrome and (illuminated) acrylic. And I need to nail this one down more before I get too far into planning. Fortunately I have five months until delivery!

So the "develop these designs far enough to turn in a proposal and sketch" list is up to four:

1) ATG. Which I'm going forward on anyhow as a project that amuses me. Looks like it is going to go in a Stargate SG-1 direction; dark stone with mysterious internal lighting, as if the Goa'uld had decided to go with Polynesian motif for their technology instead of Egyptian.

2) Hair Dryer. Single molded grip and body with rounded form and glossy surface -- possibly even pink. This is the one that pushes hardest towards animation, Duck Dodgers, squash and stretch, etc.

3) Art Gun. Acrylic and "chrome" (polished aluminium) with elaborate lighting system. Almost entirely machined. Since pistol is really not working with this, expand it to machine pistol lengths.

4) Tin Toy. Similar to the Hair Dryer in forms but more streamlined and serious, in harder-edged metallic treatments. Also incorporates some of the machined metal elements of the Art Gun.

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