Monday, February 16, 2015

Patch Pockets

Going into tech, no time or money for laundry. Needed to haul that sewing machine out to make more mic belts anyhow, so did some haphazard repairs on a couple pairs of torn pants. One had rear patch pockets. Which meant there was matching material I could salvage to cover a nasty hole.

Short two primers or my latest grenade order would be done. I hinted I'd make a ninth as a special gift to the customer by asking him to pick a number between M38 and M230. He picked M56, which doesn't help me at all -- is not one of the ones identified in the Aliens universe. Ah, well. Means I can do whichever one seems more interesting -- or least annoying.

Got up early and spent a long day repairing mic elements. Every time I dig into the bag full of broken elements, I find a couple more repairable ones trapped in the lining or under something else. I should be okay for the current show, then.

And the raygun got approved for metal. Metal, but still towards the Barbarella end. Which means is time to drop the whole "plywood cutout" idea and see what I can do if I free myself to imagine any kind of intersection I can machine (or CNC) between aluminium, brass, and acrylics.

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