Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dead Head

Ran out to the Rose Garden to take some pictures, but the roses are very much not in bloom at the moment. Whoops. We stayed until it got cold and dark anyhow. Yes; a sheet of foam-core works very well at providing a nice diffuse fill light....when there's enough direct light falling on it.

Ran the prototype current-controlled DuckLight for about four hours without any sign of overheating or the LED being overdriven. Next I think is an acid test; put a minimal heatsink on the LED and run it full-out for an hour or two. Those AMC7135's are totally the ticket!

The Holocron enquiry got one response. I'm working up a new Holocron design for a Jedi Academy now. Have in mind a combination I think will work, but haven't actually gotten into Illustrator (rather, InkScape) yet.

HP is now on my "nice" list. The scanner software I was using demanded I upgrade, told me upgrades were no longer free, and threw up its hands when presented with a 64-bit OS and what was apparently a 32-bit scanner driver. "Go call HP and see if they have any drivers," was all the software could offer. So I did, and HP had...a completely free and compatible scanner package I'm using now instead.

And I finally got off one sketch of the "art gun" direction for the raygun commission that I actually like.

Sure, I have to work on the proportions some more, and I have no idea how to machine some of it, but it in my mind finally achieves that blend of looking like the shape came out of art school but the details and machining are tight and quality.

It may not be quite period-looking enough, though. (Especially since to my mind the perfect combination would be stained and varnished wood furniture, and aluminium parts anodized in a pale green.)

So continue the sketches. Eventually I'll stumble upon a few that are decent enough to show to the client.

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