Friday, February 6, 2015

Raygun IV

Emailed the client, and have additional notes and ideas. And a rough budget guideline, which on the surface of it removes a lot of processes from the list.

She does seem to be looking at silver metallic. I can certainly up-sell chrome, but candy pink may be a hard sell. Sigh. She also does seem to be open towards the kind of metal work that is, unfortunately, on the higher end for materials and time.

Still moving slowly, but tore off a bunch of quick sketches in trying to capture the concept of "flat shape holding turned shape." Aka something like plywood "stock" holding up a aluminium receiver and barrel. With swooped lines encompassing Streamline Moderne, Googie boomerangs, and Caddie fins, and some of the playfulness and Modern Art styling of the Barbarella movie props.

Towards the end there, I stumbled on some more streamlined and -- to my eye -- somewhat meaner looking shapes that use ribs/frames of laser-cut acrylic to frame narrower, simpler gun bodies/barrel tubes. These would also, of course, take lighting better.

Trouble with working with hard pencil lead, as I mentioned on my other journal; it doesn't scan well and it photographs even worse.

Previous to that I'd dashed off a couple of concepts of the "zepellin" gun -- a one-piece sculpted shape -- this time with the open "hair dryer" shape instead of the closed end of the previous sketches:

I think the one on the right really captures that Duck Dodgers playfulness -- you may notice the notation "Squash and stretch" next to it, aka, the deformations applied by animators to give life to their creations. But the sense I get from the material the client linked is of something slightly more serious.

I'm still going to do the Angry Tiki God gun, though. I've been looking at a lot of pictures of tiki heads in an attempt to internalize the language and motifs.

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