Sunday, March 30, 2014


I picked up a foot of 3/8" aluminium at the hardware store just so I could go in and lathe today. But I forgot to bring the unfinished grenade with me!

I spent the day making small mistakes anyhow, so it was worthwhile. Better to make mistakes on little parts, then on a nearly-finished prop.

And, yes, I will be selling a few. I've got a thread going at the RPF.

Meanwhile, I seem to have solved my Trinket issues. Somehow, when the bootloader went bad and I switched to ISP, I bollixed the fuses. Or so I assume; I got a "naked" ATtiny85 working with the neopixels via my old target board:

But it didn't talk to the pixels until I'd used the "burn bootloader" command in the Arduino 1.0.5 IDE to -- I assume! -- flash the fuses for 8MHz behavior.

In any case, after two days of struggling, I've control over the neopixels again. But I took apart the Holocron circuit board to get to this stage, and at this point it makes as much sense to go with a minimal ATtiny instead of "wasting" the Trinket on it.

(It also makes a lot of sense to continue with the ISP instead of trying to fix the Trinket's bootloader, because I can really use that 3K of program space!)

So with any luck the Holocron will get boxed up this week. I'll finish documenting the build here, and also in another Instructable. I have until the first of May to write as many "I Made it at TechShop" Instructables as I can manage...because after that I have to start paying full price for the classes I still want to take.

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