Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The second grenade is finished, and the Instructable is up.

No final pics yet; I didn't quite make the light. All I've got is yet more lathe pics:

(I rather like this pic; it has the almost chiaroscuro simplicity of those old photographs of massive, well-worn industrial machinery).

Also begun the final assembly of the Holocron:

Yes: I use anything that's lying around as a weight while glue is drying.

I'm also making progress planning out (on paper) the system enhancements I'm making as an outside contractor to a local theater. At the moment I'm budgeted to improve the backstage monitors and the wiring of the Clear-Com intercom system, but I'm also trying to work up a scheme that will allow the various and varied users of the facility to play nice together, without having to pull wires and hook up the system uniquely for each user. A rack-mount mixer would do nicely, but where am I going to find a 10-in, six out mixer that meets my budget?

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