Monday, March 24, 2014

Code Drops

Show is closed. Parts are ordered and next week is install at another theater.

Started an interest thread at the RPF and enough people want a grenade I've gone ahead and ordered more metal. Not quite enough interest to justify a complete set of tooling, but I will splurge on some drill bits.

Ran into another small hurdle with the Holocron. I re-purposed my old Blink code and it ran fine, but as the neopixel literature warned, I also used up most of the available memory. Since I don't really need an RTOS -- or a flexible code structure -- I'm going for more of a traditional loop-based approach now. So far I've only saved about 20% of the program space, but it may be just enough to permit it all to stick on that ATtiny85 chip.

On the longer project list is finishing up some vacuform Lewis Gun magazines, rebuilding a Suomi, and on personal projects, wiring the kerosene lantern I bought with remote-controlled LED light.

Oh, and I scheduled a class on the milling machine.

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