Friday, January 3, 2014

Small Morrow Update

The second Commando V150 arrived in the mail from Shapeways. We printed this time in "Frosted Detail" material, which was slightly more costly but both captured the detail of the mesh better and provided a smoother surface with less finishing work necessary before painting.

However, a few small parts did break off somewhere between printing and when it arrived here. So I've placed a hold on new orders in my Shapeways store until I've had time to thicken it a little in those spots (specifically, the protective "cage" over the gunner's periscope, and the "grab bar" like shapes that provide a door rest when the lower part of the side doors are opened. The latter was an easy fix with a bit of wire and some zap-gap CA.)

(Printing price is $50 -- I know, it sounds steep, but think of it like one of those Japanese "Garage Kits.")

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