Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm in tech on a crazy show (forty kids, four casts, two directors, Disney script, etc.) Hit bad by the flu (or one of the bugs going around). And a tree fell on my car.  The car is fine, actually, aside from a new dent.

Spared a little time over late-night white rice dinners to add a few more models. I don't care for the design of this remote detonator, or the quality of the mesh:

The intent was to start with a walkie-talkie, add one of those "fire the missile" switches on it, and then tweak the shape a little to be more interesting. But the result has neither an appearance of realism (I say "appearance," because the real families of remote detonators look nothing like the Hollywood versions), or a game-prop like density and quirkiness of detail.

Whatever. It's one more model for the kit. Plus a more-or-less authentic model (there's a lot of variation in the real thing) of the most common American military plastic explosive; the M112 Demolitions Block. (They are mostly, these days, an off-white putty-like appearance, shrink-wrapped in green plastic and screen printed. They also tend to have a strip of double-stick tape on the back, which I haven't added yet).

These are still stand-in textures, of course.

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