Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alyx Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Okay, bad joke.

My long run of feeling in good health suffered a stumble of cold or flu.  Right on top of two back-to-back kid's shows. Which is perhaps not a co-incidence, as I personally taped microphones onto over forty different kids; whatever they had, I probably caught.

Still, at the worst of it (sniffling constantly, having trouble sleeping), I worked a fifty-hour week, attended rehearsal on another show, started a Jedi Holocron, attended several classes in the City, and at some point along there even wrote a short Half-Life2 pastiche that I stuck up at fanfiction dot net.

Meanwhile Valve has changed the Steam client once again, and my PC/Wine version of the rebuilt Surface Tension levels for the Black Mesa mod isn't running any more.  And I've gotten a little bored replaying Route Canal or similar; for every fun fight, there's some jumping puzzle with steam vents and barnacles to get through.  Hey, Valve, here's an idea; instead of giving the players a "rest from combat" with some nasty little puzzle in which if you misjudge the size of your character's invisible bounding box by a centimeter you die, how about some bit where you walk through an area with enough to look at and explore to be interesting, and no-one is currently shooting at you?


Today I felt a little of the old "mysteriously short of breath, pain in the joints" feeling. But...I'm feeling just well enough still that I'm going to stand up now and zip down to the gym for a late-night climb. We'll see how that goes!

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