Thursday, October 8, 2015


Tuesday I did the full day at work, quickly showered and had something to eat and ran out to the city to put in four hours on the lathe.

Today I lined up with about half the company for the flu shot. And I'm just barely holding it together now to clean up the first four of the new grenades and prep them to be mailed out tomorrow.

There's no way I could have done that show in Newark. Not without going on half-time during the run. At it is I'm dragging just with the forty hour day job -- I'm barely touching on any of my other responsibilities.

Funny. A lot of places are looking for full-time staff right now. Real theater work, too. But I'm still enjoying what I'm doing and my only real complaint is the hourly pay is still pretty low. Hopefully after they pick up my contract it will get better.

(Pretty much everyone I grew up with in the theater program at High School and college has gone into related fields; trade shows, events, a few management positions here and there. I was practically the last holdout actually there working as part of the crew after the house lights went down. And I'll come back to it -- but after I've settled in a bit more. And paid up some bills.)

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