Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back in business

I did a full day at the machine shop and I now have ten completed M40 grenades (well -- still have to do the final steel wool clean-up and trim and paint the caps). I have three different people wanting to order at my Etsy shop, and one at the RPF, and they all want four or more.

I am going to have to raise prices. Or stop with the $5 off each grenade and go for a single $10 off for a bulk order. It is still two hours or more lathe-work for each, and that's not counting the final clean-up, or the work on the cap. Or primers...I tend to run a bunch of those off at one time and haven't been adding that to the per-grenade total.

At least I've found a better way to do those particular parts.

First step is face off the brass rod stock. Then take it down to .236" in diameter.

Switch tools, cut the chamfer at the front (which makes it look like a primer), then cut a v-shaped groove with the same tool.

Switch back to the right-hand bit again, and do the finishing pass at .232"

Finally, take a hacksaw and cut down the groove from step four. Much less scary than using a parting tool on a small diameter brass rod.

Advance the stock another .2", lather, rinse, repeat.

Now if I could just print off some caseless AP ammo for the Pulse Rifle, I'd be able to take some nifty pictures. But my first Etsy customer is already getting antsy so I might just have to throw the first of this batch into a shipping box now instead of later.

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