Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Dunno

Two months now of full-time work. And as of two months, my pessimism is still holding true. I used to argue that full-time was not panacea; your costs went up, and the income was not actually that much larger than what the part-time work nets (which is more irregular, averages close to as many hours, but often works out to a higher effective pay rate). Oh, yes; and working full-time, you start to lose many of the low-income benefits, making the supposed advantage even smaller.

So as of this moment, I don't have any real money in the account, I haven't added anything to savings, and I haven't made any deep payments on my old credit card. The best that I can say is that I have paid all my current bills, on time, without having to borrow anything to do it.

And as little as I'm getting, it is still significantly better than minimum wage. So, yeah; as of this moment, it looks like if I had given up on theater work and gone to work for McDonald's, I'd be homeless now. Full-time work is, again, not a panacea.

On second analysis, though, I was behind when I started. I've paid (or will be paying) rent thrice in that same two months, paid one overdue bill, paid off a small personal loan, and put $400 into auto repairs (which unfortunately wasn't nearly enough). So if the numbers continue in that direction, my first estimate that I could basically pay my expenses with two weeks out of the month, leaving every other week to go towards paying off debt and repairing infrastructure.

It is just going to be slower than I could have hoped.

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