Saturday, October 31, 2015

Festina Lente

I'm still trying to find the time and energy to throw out much of the small scraps, found objects and saved hardware I've accumulated in my props-building. On my new schedule and budget it makes more sense to purchase materials and hardware on a per-project basis, instead of wasting time sorting through existing stock and trying to make it fit.

Also want to toss the several tubs of random electronics parts and especially the "this might be repairable" stuff.

Today, however, I was monkeying with some drivers (what people outside the audio world call "speakers.") Which are also salvaged scrap, and what's more, I can't seem to stop myself from bringing more home.

Purchased a couple small amplifiers from Adafruit. Used the 2.8W to test which drivers still worked. So was able to toss two (pity I still have five or six tucked under the desk at work!) Left the 20W alone for the moment to see if I could wake up a salvaged TWO HUNDRED TWENTY watt amp which wants 48 volts (presumable at some ridiculous amperage). Turns out an old computer power supply brick pushing a mere 24 volts is sufficient not to trip any brownout detection circuits in the thing, and run one of the salvaged drivers at more than sufficient volume for my personal listening needs.

Of course, at that point I might as well pack along one of my Jolly 5A's; that's already over a kilogram of hardware, and I need a solid box to get the best sound out of it, and it pretty much has to plug into the wall at those numbers. But I'm still toying with the idea of working up a neat looking replica to house it in -- maybe the Portal radio, perhaps the radio from Bioshock or something from the Fallout series.

But first step is to make a box out of some of the scraps of high-density plywood we've got in the scrap bin at work. And see if there's any tuning I can do with the shape (porting is probably out, as the physical size is too small to permit a decent extension. Although some people have done some crazy stuff with external ports...)

Of course, this is all salvage (power supply included). Nothing says it won't suddenly let the magic smoke out a few minutes after I power it up again.

Oh, yeah. And I loaned my sister my "Tomb Raider" necklace. So now I need something else prop-related that I can wear. I was tempted by Daniel Jackson's "Ra" amulet but I'm afraid I find the actual prop rather ugly...

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