Thursday, June 4, 2015

Project Analysis

The Space Helmet project is done.

The helmet is modded in entirely non-marring manner using variously hot glue and magnets. And just in case the explorers need to go somewhere that isn't a hard vacuum, they have a simple oxygen mask...

...that also fits the period pack and the new hose:

So why did it take longer than I expected -- or intended?

Well, one thing is the mask. Which turns out not have been particularly necessary, as fun as I thought it might be to do. The mask was my introduction to using vacuum forming as a regular part of my process, and as such entailed a bit of a learning curve.

The worthiness of this should perhaps be demonstrated by the way I easily included vacuum formed parts as the plan for the new oxygen canister (shown in previous post). I can now add that to the laser cutter and the lathe as useful time-saving tools that can be part of future build processes. Next up -- 3d printer (I've had the check-out class already), and Shop-Bot.

As another example of a mature technology, laser-cutting the insignia then hot-forming them in place went near flawlessly. I did spend a few days in thought before I realized that was the appropriate method, though...

The eyepieces were also a learning experience, as I'd never really done clear casting before. So time spent there in various attempts at carving and grinding raw acrylic stock, sculpting and casting various attempts in clear acrylic, sanding and polishing in an attempt to get optical clear.

There was also time spent during the project cycle working on the Holocron and ongoing M40 grenade orders, and the Raygun (which is now behind schedule). And working on fixing my hand truck so I can continue to cart rental audio equipment around and make enough money to afford to keep building props!

This week seems particularly rich with multiple research topics to chase down. I'm still reading up trying to find a good finish coat, holocron shapes, trigger design, spring design and how to temper spring steel, etc....

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