Saturday, June 20, 2015

Followed by slightly less

I'm really liking the new Holocron shell design. I think I have a nice combination of box-corners and central gear that captures several recurring motifs and gives a proper Star Warsy sense. The "Sith" texture -- which I want to use subtly to break up the diffusion layer -- is going less well. Perhaps I should re-try my "Moorish circuitry" pattern, only much smaller in scale.

Oh, yes. And the Jedi Temple seems to have flaked on me. Haven't heard anything since I gave him a full kit to try out.

Tinkering with the fanfic but don't have a good idea how to approach the next chapter. I mean; I know the purpose of it and some of the business, but just walking into it bold doesn't feel right. I think I need to either back off with another vignette, or set it up with a bunch of atmospheric description. Or start in media res with them solving the next puzzle...I don't know.

As part of that, I'm reading up on Parsifal, Lazarus, of course Fisher King and Longinus, not to mention keeping an eye out for famous paintings or sculptures of any of the above that would have been known in Emperor Rudolph II's time. With sidelines into Jewish Esotericism, medieval alchemy, meteoric iron, First Dynasty Egypt, Red Mercury, Barringer Crater, etc., etc.

I have no scheduled work upcoming. Several companies that will probably hire me again, and a standing offer to come repair some cable at a rental house, but having no clear source of income in my future is making me all hermit-crab -- wanting to stay inside, not eat very much, and very much not spend any money. It is a hard emotional state to crawl out of.

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