Monday, April 27, 2015

Doomed Drums

The new Holocron design is almost ready for the laser. I'm still un-pleased because the methods I have -- laser-engraving and cutting in multiple layers -- are capable of delivering some very dense, wonderfully deep effects that my current designs just aren't taking advantage of.

I've been working round-robin at several different projects at once. Kitchen is full of Space Helmet parts, desk is covered in Holocron parts. And in the corner is a DMX interface I have to hook up and test out before next week's load-in. But at least a check came for some of my work.

While poking around in my tunes folder for something to keep me going on the InkScape work I happened to listen to some of my old compositions. And I'm not sure what has changed in my perceptions, but the one thing that jumped out drums suck.

Well, most of my drum parts back then were from the keyboard. Some of them were even off the drum machine in Reason. And I was heading towards using my Octopad and sticks more to get a livelier, more human drum sound. But, alas; everything I have that's mixed down is four-square kick-and-snare. Sigh.

Oh, yeah, and about that kitchen. Literally. And worse. I've been mixing up glue and even plaster of paris in my cereal bowl. And last night I used my toothbrush on some troublesome Rub'n'buff. At least I can stop trying to do Sculpey in the oven; I found a toaster oven someone in the neighborhood had thrown out and if it works...

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