Sunday, April 19, 2015

There! Are! Four! Lights!

I seem to be doing a lot of lighting these days. Struck a show last night, in the middle of putting together a bare minimum of lights for an upcoming event. Looks like we have two dimmer packs rented from another theater now (just finalizing the deal) and five instruments so far. So I have minimal coverage, but I haven't figured out yet what else to rent or borrow (if possible!) to achieve some flexibility.

The show is snowballing a little; I also seem to be tasked with supplying and setting up a PA, loaning a laptop with QLab on it, collecting sound files from multiple directors, oh and there's video, too.

On the (hopefully) last day of nearly a week of repairing wireless transmitters, elements, XLR cable, and whatever else seems necessary for the show which is loading in now. Except the Sound Designer is the only person talking to me; the TD can't be arsed to answer emails and no-one yet has told me if they intend to pay for the work. Oh, yeah -- and this is a space that doesn't respect sound so the fact that the designer needs this stuff is unlikely to have much weight with anyone else.

Add to getting paid less than I had hoped for a recent design, still not getting paid for the LED stage lights, the original Holocron order on hold (meaning I have to design and make another one before I can take any new orders), and taxes being higher than I had hoped...well, I'm getting pretty short with people who fiddle-faddle around instead of telling me if they intend to cut a check.

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