Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There's a Little Black Bug On My Wall Today...

Well, actually, a whole bunch of them.  They really like rice, and if I don't clean out the rice cooker promptly they will swarm in the kitchen.

It is still hot, and I've been suffering with a sinus headache for a week or so now.

And I'm broke.  Desperately so.  I'm in the middle of a four-week run of a show that is paying pretty good, plus they promised a bit extra for all the crawling around under the building tearing out old wires and tracing bad ones I had to do to get everything working by Opening Night.   And my personal mics are on rental for a pretty decent fee as well.

I don't have any dates, though.  I don't even have a contract in my hands.  The only thing I'm relatively sure of is a very small check for hourly work that will show up around the end of this week.

I've probably got enough gas in the car, and rolled oats and udon noodles in the pantry, to make it to that check.  But I'd really, really like to have enough on me now to smog and register my car before the next late fee arrives.

And the toughest thing?  When I am hungry, and have no money for food or anything else, I tend to nest.  As if hibernating until the snows retreat and the money starts arriving again.  I don't go outside much, I don't work out.  I even move slowly, as if it is essential I conserve every little calorie.  And that's a really, really lousy way to job search -- or to complete home projects for a few extra bucks.

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