Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hunger Games

Hard to concentrate like this, but made a little more progress on the V150.

For some reason, I don't trust the TimeLine set of plans.  The Cadillac Gage plans are cleaner and more detailed -- even though they are of a V150S.  Unfortunately, the TimeLine plans (and the Hobby Boss model kit) are the only ones with the 20mm turret I wanted.

So first thing I did today was remove the "stretch," bringing the hull I'd made off the Cadillac Gage plans closer to the dimensions of a standard V150.  There were multiple places where the plans disagreed, and several where they were unclear, so I compromised.

More compromises with the turret.  The TimeLine plans don't match the Hobby Japan model.  And, unfortunately, I've had a lot of trouble finding photographic reference of that turret.  Well, more or less.  I've found several similar turrets.  Enough to conclude that there are a lot of variations, and that I am probably fine with modeling whatever seems clear and resembles as much of the reference material as is practical.

Similarly, I've been quite unable to track down information on the actual wheel wells (whatever is behind the cut-outs).  The best I can figure, from the V100 walk-around book, is the they have a curve on the trailing edge and are squared off on the leading edge.  Which is pretty bizarre.  And they also get a "plank" on top of them on the inside; it is an obvious larger slab that sits over the flattened top.

For this, I've decided to go with what is on the Hobby Japan model and live with it.  Because there's enough to model already on this thing.  I still haven't figured out how I'm breaking it up to make it printable.

And then Carrara started crashing for no discernable reason, and while I was wrestling with that my dinner burned.  Tomorrow, I take a crack at tires.  Then start making hatches.


And NOW I'm tired.

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