Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Car, it's Full of Holes

I have three days off before I have to get back to the monkeys.  Time for a bit of 3D!

This is the start of a printable model of a V150 armored car.

Well, V150S at the moment.  Cadillac Gage first came out with the "Commando" during the Vietnam war.  The V100 went through a bunch of changes, from squared-off wheel wells to ever-changing numbers of vision blocks on the sides.  The V150 series adds some more changes, and the "S" model was the first "stretch," about 50 cm longer.  Cadillac Gage had few enough orders that they optioned the heck out of them, with all sorts of different turrets/wells/pedestals/boxes on top, different hatches, etc., etc.  And that's not even counting what some of the end-users did with them!

Anyhow.  I have some nice drawings of a V150S, a Hobby Boss kit in 1/35 of a late-serial-number V150, a walk-around book on the V100, and some other references.  And I'm not going to try to make every variation.  Heck, Bruce Morrow bought enough of Cadillac Gage's entire factory output that he could have the things customized however he wanted them.

So I'm not sweating the details.  I'm building a generic that more-or-less fits the median of these variations; my major guidance is what I've good a good reference for.  Followed by what is easier to model.

Anyhow.  Current progress is a mostly-done hull (I have details in the back and a lot of work to go on the underside).  I've cut out most of the hatches and vision blocks, even though for the printable model I'll probably fill most of those in again.

And, yeah, you do end up with quite a lot of holes (and I haven't even included the firing ports!)

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