Saturday, September 21, 2013


Finished my first sewing project.

(A few weeks ago, but this is the first chance I've had to take a picture).

 I figured a tool roll would be a simple project to get used to using the new machine.

And it would allow me to get as intricate as I cared for with different kinds of edge treatments and so forth.

I thought about camo, steampunk-style canvas, even custom-printed fabric, but then I found this cute upholstery fabric at Discount Fabrics and decided to make it carpet-bag style.

There were supposed to be two straps but I only bought one buckle (was hoping to find something nice in brass).

 Lined it with a tighter-weave khaki I found at Stonemountain.  Stitched both pieces together and zig-zagged to protect the hem from fraying.  No, I'm not running out to buy my own serger!

Tried bias tape, flat-felled seam, and self-bias, but then found some fake leather stuff at the fabric store that was simple to stitch in place even with a standard foot.  Held it in place with binder clips while working.

Seamed the pocket parts, attached them to one edge, and worked my way down; pulling them around each tool to form the pocket and stitching the excess in.  If I did it again, I'd run a pulling thread for a neater gather.  That's a piece of soft plastic rescued from an over-the-door shower bag over the VOM, allowing me to use it without removing it from the bag.

The original plan was a fold-over.  I actually worked out all the dimensions on a piece of drafting paper first, which was the pattern I cut the shell from.

But the rounded corners looked funny if you folded it in half.   And the number of tools made it too fat to roll well.

So now it rolls without any folding, and the major downside to that is it flops a bit in the middle.  Ah, well.

Next project will be a 4th Doctor frock coat.  Either that or a new pair of work pants.  Depends on how insane I feel that day.  I learned a lot on this project, including how long it takes to sew even something simple.  Even if it had been a total failure as a tool roll, it would have been a success as a learning project; I played with all sorts of tapes and interfaces and different stitches and seams.

But it works as a tool roll, too.  I am using it every day.


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