Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tell them we are from France

I suspect it is a bug, a botnet, or some peculiarity in the Blogger reporting system, but my site stats still claim 95% of my visitors are located in France. Landing on a random scattering of posts from around the middle of last year. I dunno.

I'm currently broke and sick. Neither will last long; payday is Friday and this feels like a 2-day bug. And if it were to get worse, I actually have coverage now. Extremely good coverage, which makes it worth going to work even when I feel like staying in bed.

And I am this close to finishing the first production-run holocron. More minor details that aren't right, but I'm done with iteration. Time to start putting them in boxes.

(I've got about 15 minutes worth of glueing before Serial Number 00 is complete. But I'm sick, and distracted by being broke, and tired because I worked anyhow, so it is safer to wait rather than spoil the thing by combining plastic welding glues with my current lack of coordination).

Next post will probably be on those last steps of making the holocrons. (The most head-scratchingly complicated and annoying one being trying to figure out current postal regulations on lithium polymer batteries).

Oh, yeah. And I'm still averaging a mere twenty minutes of practice a day with the violin, but I'm now scratching away at "Katyusha." Good exercise to work with different scales once in a while (actually, if feels just like the same old first-position/Gmaj with a flatted second finger there on the A string).

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