Saturday, February 18, 2017

I can walk!

It has been a surreal week.

Typical day; work a half-day at work, coughing and limping, go home at noon, have the first real meal of the day and fall into bed. Possibly wake up that evening to check email then back to bed.

Except later in the week I got into rehearsals and meetings of the next show, so sometimes the nap would come later and I'd just stay in bed the 10-12 hours until the next morning, no email and no food.

Friday I could finally walk without a limp but ended up pulling an 8-hour day at work that took me all over the sprawling facility. And that five miles of walking left my newly healed leg quite sore!

I contacted my buyers and they unanimously declared that taking care of my health was more important than building their holocrons. Thanks, guys. I was going to slip 32 gigs of memory in each shipped model as a thank-you but Amazon pulled one of those, "Oh, wait, it actually isn't in the warehouse today like we thought it was" they've been doing lately and I won't get the ones I ordered for another couple weeks.

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