Thursday, February 9, 2017

Never rains but...

Tore calf muscle at the gym. Took to bed early to start the healing process and woke up with a bad cold as well. So I can't walk, can't eat, can barely think. And all my directors are calling me; the school tour starts up in only two weeks, with a couple shows at the church immediately following.

At least I get a day off from work (due to being unable to get to my desk without help) and am spending the day trying to complete more of the holocron orders. Still haven't solved the latest technical issue, though. The basic shell is a great kit and my time engineering it for ease of assembly paid off. But the damned internal electronics, particularly the new antenna on the sense circuit, are so fiddly and weird I despair at even documenting how I'm doing it for the instruction sheet that ships with the kits.

Oh yes, and it is raining, too. Hard.

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