Saturday, June 25, 2016


Dropped some extra bucks on Amazon to get them to ship the last part of my order. The oven has been here for days:

(No, it doesn't come with the hat. It also didn't come with the Kapton tape I ordered, but tracking says I'll finally get that today.)

The components have been here for a while (Digikey is fast, as is Adafruit):

And the new board arrived yesterday from OSHpark:

So far everything seems correct. The footprint for the USB connector is slightly wrong but still fits -- I'll need to fix my Eagle library part. On the down side, it is larger than I was envisioning. Yes, I had measurements, but I didn't make a test cut-out. I was more concerned about having enough room to clear traces and be able to reach the SMDs to place and solder them.

Well, looking at it now, I'm comfortable with compacting it quite a bit. And changing over the larger SMDs (1206 size) to 0805's. Or possible even 0603's (those sizes only really hold for resistors, but it's a pretty good guideline to how small you are getting).

At least I've finally figured out how to translate the sketches I've been making for the Holocron diffusion layer into black and white (the laser engraver will respond to gray-scale information, but on acrylic the results aren't usually worthwhile):

And I picked up a set of Thomastik Alphayue's. Which means for some people I've just given the game away on the new instrument...currently tracked to arrive Monday, and I'm having a heck of a time waiting for it!

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