Sunday, June 5, 2016

Riding Thermals

Show is over, and Holocron board is routed. Now I just need to add fill polygons and thermal vias to help with the heat around the charge circuit components, run the Design Rules checks, clean up the silkscreen, and generally inspect and clean up all the layers preparatory to sending out to the fab house.

Haven't decided if it is worth doing a few parts with syringe and soldering iron or just go straight into solder stencil and reflow oven. I'll be doing more boards, and I'm committed to using a lot more SMDs going forward. This one's basically populated with 1206's and SOT-23's, plus some through-hole parts, but the Wraith Stone is going to go down to at least 0806 if not 0603's.

Not that I've really built up my Eagle library yet. Only a few parts on this board are verified footprints (aka, I already had a board fabbed with them and everything worked).

I may even start putting an FTDI chip on my Arduino compatibles. It's only a 20-pin SMD, not even fine-pitch.

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