Thursday, June 30, 2016


Another long week at work. I've been too distracted to complete the new graphics on the Holocron, and the end of the month snuck up on me way too fast. So that prototype I promised is going to have to wait for the three-day weekend coming up. (Even if TechShop and the lasers I need are closed on the 4th).

I felt in a writing mood tonight and tried to push ahead a little on the fanfic. Finished a scene. Then scrolled down to my last take on the same scene...and I like the voice and some of the details of that previous attempt a lot better. I may have the desire to write today, but apparently the skill isn't with me.

The new instrument is still going surprisingly well. I'm fingering, and yes I have enough pitch sensitivity to be shifting to the right position on that fretless neck...and just enough muscle memory to more-or-less come back to those right positions.

I have some indirect evidence that my pitch sensitivity is not as acute as it might be, however. My experience in mixing singers was that someone could be off by a good thirty cents before I noticed it. So I run a real risk of being enough off on my intonation that I sound horrible -- but not being aware of it and thus unable to improve it.

I also (wasted?) the time making a video record of my attempts to learn this new instrument. Which have been posted on YouTube, and so far have gained an entire one (1) view. I think. That one might have been mine.

Oh, and yet -- my first attempts in playing a tune. Those were humbling. I see I have a while yet before I have the control necessary for that.

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