Thursday, August 10, 2017

Can he swing? Listen, Bud, he's got radioactive blood

Well, not any more. Technetium 99m has a half-life of only six hours, and in any case a biological half-life of about a day.

I should really be logging this stuff. As of my blog entry of the 28th I was feeling full of energy. As of three days ago I've been in a slump again. Not helped by the cardiac and nuclear (well, also cardiac, but using gamma camera imaging) stress tests. Still, I'm dogging it out at work and putting in almost a full shift.

(And I'm going to feel a lot better -- one way or another) when I finally get the test results back.)

After four weeks of emails and phone calls I finally got the parts to repair my U-base. The wrong parts, turns out. But fortunately I'd thought to "throw in" a part I didn't think I needed. Which was of course the actual part at fault. So now I just have to decide whether to put the old pre-amp back in, or modify the bass to fit the new pre-amp, which sounds better and has a built-in tuner.

Hrm. Stated that way, it seems obvious. I just don't have a lot of time to be messing around with modifications. I'm having enough trouble finding time to keep up on my practicing.

Oh, and got offered another show. Lighting design for a new adaptation of Dracula. Even though I've been avoiding taking on any theater design work this year, I'll probably do this one.

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