Sunday, December 11, 2016

Through the Night with the Light from a Holocron

Power was out for most of a rainy saturday. I turned on every holocron-under-construction I had for a little bit of light and practiced fiddle, recorder and ukulele in the dark.

(A blinking holocon not exactly a good reading lamp. Funny. I had all these parts lying around, but no power for my soldering iron, and -- once my laptop battery died -- I couldn't reprogram any of the things I had, either.)

A weird feeling, really. Power was out over a fifty mile radius, and it was raining hard to boot; so not much use going outside to find somewhere with more light. My heat is also electric, but...gas still worked, water still worked, so I could still drink fresh water or make tea or even run a shower.

In the evening went to a low-key dinner, watched a short play, and danced the hovah (another first for me). So all in all a weird day, but a nice one.

For some reason really needed the weekend this time. Worked as long as I could on the holocron software and the new animation is mostly solved. Enough is still left to do it seems to make sense to prioritize software over cutting new kits, assembling new shells, or soldering up the last of the version 1.0 boards (the v. 1.1's should be showing up by next weekend).

At least work has changed plans again. I can take a string of days off around Christmas. Pity, though; I'd love to ship holocrons before that date.

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