Sunday, August 14, 2016

Progress Post

Lots of progress this weekend. Finally!

Reserved another slot at the laser and cut out a complete set of diffuse panels for the new prototype Holocron. Also cut a few test shell pieces and confirmed the file was good; it was a laser focus issue that was giving me a poor fit-up.

It still requires a bit of sanding and Bondo Spot Putty to get a seamless shape.

The new scheme for attaching the circuitry layer appears to be working as well. I vector-engraved small circles where a glue bead would be hidden by the outer shell. Just had to touch each with acrylic glue with a Q-tip and the circuit layer is glued down -- hopefully without any glue streaks showing on the final assembled Holocron.

Final coat of base paint is drying now. I'm eager to do the final assembly (the test-fit went well) but I may hold off and do some weathering first.

I also have shell pieces for at least two other Holocrons, in two other shell designs; the "Temple" design and an "Imperial" design. So I'll be able to illustrate sone options. Looking at re-doing the "Temple" (or a second "Stolen" that I have most of the pieces for) in chrome, and the "Imperial" in gunmetal.

And it took only two hours of laser time to essentially cut the pieces for one Holocron. But that laser session also brought home just what kind of labor is involved. And how many pieces that have to be carefully collected and wrapped and shipped (the pieces from yesterday basically filled a small Fixed-Rate postage box). I might say I'm rapidly losing enthusiasm for running off a lot of these even as kits. I was going to release the files after a certain amount of time had passed, and that time has just shrunk considerably.

Well, one thing I can do is take the SBU for the "Trotec" lasers, which are more powerful and thus faster, and for a small fee can be reserved for longer blocks of time. That would make for a more efficient day in getting a bunch of pieces cut.

For now, though, a few more steps and I'll have a new prototype for pictures...and I'll be able to see what kind of interest there really is in the kit.

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