Thursday, August 18, 2016


The lighting circuit doesn't work.

Basically, the circuit board is just too damn big. Also, the current neopixels are a pain to work with.

So my current idea is to break up the board into two parts; the upper part being the CPU and LEDs, the lower part containing the USB host and Lithium Polymer battery charge circuit.

Also, there's something odd going on with the magnets. The lid seems to want to hover just slightly ajar. I think I need to move the magnets so they are attracting straight in instead of sideways. And I finally figured out how to do that. And it should even allow me to shrink the border slightly for a nicer (and more canonical) look.

I need to cut a new diffusion shell anyhow (to improve the snap-fit) so for my alternate "stolen" holo (which has narrow edges but is otherwise design compatible) I will do one without laser-engraved diffusion, and experiment to see if judicious sandpaper application can get more of the canonical look. Plus be a cheaper kit offering.

Meanwhile three other shells are in various stages of assembly and painting. Given the time to run off more diffusion pieces, I should end up with four holocrons lying around...

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