Saturday, July 16, 2016

On the Rocks

Finally posted the big Croft Manor fight chapter. It didn't do many of the things I had hoped for it. POV is beginning to be a problem for me -- in this chapter particularly, and partly because I was trying to put across the idea of the Fog of War, I had dozens of POV characters each whom held only tiny parts of the whole.

I've been really sticking with Third-Person Limited here, so when I'm "seeing" what a random mercenary sees, he can only describe some guy jumping out at him; he has no way of knowing this is supposed to be Alister Fletcher, or someone totally different. And in keeping with the Fog of War, he doesn't know that Teal'c just took out his buddy; all I can describe through his eyes is if he is aware that his buddy isn't behind him anymore.

So I'm going to try to do most of the next couple chapters from Lara's POV. Not sure I want to get into the head of the Treasure Force Commander...err, whatever I'm calling him in the fanfic to keep the lawyers off my back.

Of course I'm thinking about opening the chapter with another one-shot POV; this being the owner of a small CRM firm, who can talk a little about the realities of doing archaeology for a living, particularly in the States.

Doing the research is a ton of fun, but at some point I just need to knock out chapters based on stuff I already know...and finish the thing before I get bored with it and pick up something new.

Like, for instance, the four pounds of obsidian flakes that just got delivered.

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